Why we set up Bluestripe

· 31st January 2018 · 11:04 am

Bluestripe is the result of an idea I had whilst working in the marketing media. Big agencies with big budgets have always got great coverage. They had no problem in telling their stories, no problems in entering and winning awards and being asked to talk at all the major industry events.

I’ve felt for a while that the big agency model was being disrupted by smaller more agile setups. I have always been aware that there is a huge amount of innovative and interesting work going on in smaller agencies that just don’t get picked up and doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. These agencies and tech companies are too busy actually doing the work to take the time out to tell the media, prospective clients and prospective employees about it. And even when they do get the time, can they afford it?

Bluestripe was set up to address those needs. To provide high-quality strategic communications advice at a cost that most organisations could afford. To work with founders and business leaders to develop the story they want to tell and come up with the best ways of telling it. To take that responsibility off their desk freeing up their time to drive their businesses forward.

The marketing and advertising space is an exceptionally crowded one. To get your story out needs a defined focus and an understanding of what media and marketing channels will work best. It needs an understanding of how, when and why a story will get picked up, what content needs to be created and how it should be communicated. It also needs a great contacts book and a deep knowledge of the industry.

Bluestripe’s directors have over fifty years’ experience of the digital sector, both media and agency side. Our associates are all experienced and well respected in their fields. We want our clients to feel that they are working with grown-ups, with people who take their business as seriously as they do.

We are our happy that our clients feel that Bluestripe is a trusted partner and an extension of their own organizations. We have clients who set desks aside for us to sit with their team so that we can really get a feel for the work they do and be a part of what they do.

If you think that you’d like Bluestripe to be part of what you do, then let’s talk.