New Digital Age: a new project from Bluestripe

· 31st January 2019 · 3:04 pm

What is it? 

The best way to think of NDA is as an enhanced agency blog. A place where we post the very best stories not just from our clients but from around the digital economy. We’ll also be posting a small amount of high-quality original content, some written by us, some written by our friends in the industry. This is a site that about the people in the industry for people in the industry. Forthcoming series include Interviewing the Interviewers, where we talk to the journalists and bloggers covering the digital industry. We’ll also be running 50 over 50, a series looking at a demographic often forgotten by the trade press. 

It’s not a news site. We’re certainly not out to compete with The Drum, Campaign or Digiday. 

Why did we do this? 

We have a background in and a love for publishing. This is just another way for us to demonstrate how much we care about the industry we serve and also gives us a place to curate and create great content. Great content can be lost on agency blogs which we all know, very few people look at. 

Who is it for? 

 The site is written by the industry for the industry. We want you to read stories about and by people you know, people you work with, people you admire or are inspired by. We encourage contributions from right across the digital economy.